Etiti's Music streams

Etiti - We Are The Cure (We Are The World Cover)

Etiti - After his first cover went unexpectedly viral on internet, Etiti decided to record another version of the song, this time with his authentic voice, and lyrics more conscious than the first, urging people all over the world to stay home and stay safe in order to curb the spread of the Corona Virus.

Inspired By Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie and all other great artistes on the original, and tweets from: @dan_skilli @touchedbyelda @mickeysofreaky @rarecambion @amar_jrr @obpizzle


listen and download Etiti - We Are The Cure (We Are The World Cover) here


Etiti - Kokommá

Etiti - Kokommá - In his third release, Etiti draws inspiration from a past relationship and delivers another musical masterpiece, showcasing his vocal prowess and songwriting skills with a unique blend of English and Efik (his native language)

Kokommá is a song anyone who's ever gone through a rough breakup, can relate to.

listen and download Etiti - Kokommá here


Dreams of a Child

Dreams of a Child - Etiti's second release, specifically written for the African Child and Parent.

With lines like every child is full of potentials, all they need is support and love, Etiti sends a strong message to Parents/ Guardians to let Children Develop their God-given talents and pursue their own dreams.

listen and download Dreams of a Child here


Etiti - Be Yourself

Be Yourself - Etiti's debut song with a heartfelt message encouraging everyone to be nothing but their authentic selves.

listen and download Be Yourself here


Etiti - Mean (originally by Taylor Swift)

Mean - Etiti adds his twist to the Taylor Swift classic, encouraging his listeners to stand up for themselves against bullies, haters and negativity.

listen and download Mean here


Etiti - Story Of My Life (Originally by One Direction)

Story Of My Life - With his powerful voice and vocal dexterity, Etiti delivers a stunning solo performance of one of the “now disbanded “Boy Group’s smash hit.

listen and download Story Of My Life here


Etiti - The A Team (Originally by Ed Sheeran)

Two years ago, using just his phone, Etiti recorded a subtle, laid-back version of Ed Sheeran's "The A Team". A folk classic that talks about the struggles of addiction.

listen and download The A Team here